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File:warningsign.pngWarning: Be careful when running other people's mods because they may cause harm to your computer

When playing online, it should be safe because the server is running the mods and the clients only see the effects of the mods and not experience them. The modding system will not be totally complete for a while so changes made to it might break existing mods.

The developers of Manic Digger are not responsible for the mods downloaded on this wiki or any harm they may cause your computer.

A mod or modification is applied to Manic Digger by using the mod system. Mods are placed in the .../Mods/ directory where they are compiled when starting the multiplayer server or single-player game. You may write the mods in C#. Javascript is planned. For more information on programming a mod see the Modding API.

List Of Mods

Name Screenshot Description Forum link MD version
Bad Word Filter No image Clears/replaces bad words in chat messages. 2012-10-16
Flat World Generator Creates a flat map to build on. 2012-08-01
Forester Generates huge trees. 2012-08-01
Finite water remover Removes "Finite Water" flooding. 2012-08-01
Noise 2D World Generator Generates the Classic MD World. 2012-08-24
Paintings Adds Canvas and Painting Blocks. 2012-08-13
Rules No image Adds /rules command. 2012-08-13
Switchable Lights Adds switchable light blocks. Requires toggle priviledge. Also, admins can toggle all the lights if the have the priviledge toggle_all. 2012-09-27
Heightmap World Generator Image Pending Generates a world using a heightmap. Usage is provided in the forum: 2012-10-16
Player IP-Locator a.k.a. "Creeper" No image This mod allows an admin/mod to type /playerlocation PLAYERNAME and get there City and Country. (Forum Description) 2012-10-16
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