Manic Digger is a 3d block-building game similar to Minecraft.


Latest version: 2014-08-05. List of changes.

Windows (Setup)

Linux / Windows (ZIP)

War mod

New version, 2012-10-15, has a mod that transforms the game into a first-person shooter.


  • Four weapons: pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle. They differ in accuracy, delay, damage, number of bullets, etc.
  • Three classes: soldier, medic (gives medical kit), support (gives ammo).
  • Mode command. It allows to switch between collaborative map creation and play, without leaving the game server.
  • Ammo reloading (R key. Respawn is now O key.)
  • Iron sights (right click)
  • Countdown to respawn. Players are respawned every 30 seconds. Dead player model.
  • 3d sound
  • Network is done now with UDP instead of TCP to reduce lag.
  • Inventory scrolling.

The idea for war mod comes from Ace of Spades game.

To host your own War mode server currently you must change Mods/current.txt file from “Fortress” to “War”.
List of planned next updates is at Wiki todo page .


Anthony maintains a gallery website for Manic Digger screenshots. You can upload and rate them.

Link: http://mdgallery.strangebutfunny.net/


New version (2012-08-13) allows to install mods. Modding API has only basic functions, but we are adding more as required and as requested.

Mod releases can be found on wiki and on forum.

Now I’ll be adding bigger inventory, ability to have more than 256 block types, simple tools, and modding functions for monsters.